About me

When a wish is fulfilled

I venture to release my desires and concerns at a well-mature age but by mind I think I am old 22 years. .

Photography comes to me as a young woman, rather, the obsession with making the ephemeral tangible. Moments, situations, acts, colors, temperatures, sensations, flavors, emotions, places, objects, materials, textures and people. 

This is my playground.


Mergers with paints


Nudes and Shadows

My wishes

Like a whale gobbling up seawater, I have the same curious thirst. The plastic game between photography, and painting allows me to feel that stream of clean cold, dark water to find the reflections of lights and turn them into color. Ambition has no limit if you keep that thirst for the sea to invent and surprise anyone who motivates my images.

The Magic Bag Photographic paintings
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